PancakeFork Finance

PancakeFork Finance is one of The most popular AMM on BSC. PancakeFork Finance offers an Automated Market-Making service, Yield Farming, and Staking platform on Binance Smart Chain which is forked from PancakeSwap & this is a more Secure & Advanced Version of PancakeSwap.

Audited Safe & Fully Secure Launch

All Smart Contract was Audited by Top Blockchain Security Farm
As per the Audit report of Techrate, All our Contracts are fully safe & Secure.


Product & Services

Decentralized Exchange (AMM)

Trade on PancakeFork Decentralized Exchange at lowest trading fee. Other Dex Exchange are continuously increasing trading fee but we are here to provide best trading experience at only 0.2% Swap fee which is one of the lowest fee in the current market and most of this fee will be distributed to Liquidity provider.

LaunchPad (Coming Soon)

Dedicated LaunchPad with some New & Innovative Features which will allow everyone to participate in new IDO. We will bring some new Features that no other IDO platform Offers. our IDO platform will be best for Small & Medium level of Investor. This LaunchPad will help new crypto currency projects to raise funds & allow new investors to be a part of new Projects.

Yield Farming

PancakeFork Farms offers multiple farming opportunities to our users. You can stake your LP tokens and earn CAKF tokens in return. We will incentivize many liquidity pairs by offering our Liquidity Providers the chance to stake their LP tokens in our farms. On our Farm, we use our own LP Token (CAKF-LP) Then in return, you will get CAKF-LP Token & you can stake those LP tokens in our Farms to get CAKF Token as Reward. As a Liquidity Provider, you will earn CAKF as a reward in addition you will earn extra from the trading fee.


PancakeFork Pools offers Variants of Token StakingĀ service where users can stake a Token to earn CAKF Token as a Reward. One of the best thingsĀ about Staking Pool is there is no Impermanent Loss.


Q1 2021
  • Prepare draft of the project
  • Project Establishment
  • Platform Development
  • Development of PancakeFork
Q1 2021
Q2 2021
  • Developing Smart Contact
  • Launched Farm & Pools
  • Launched Decentralized Exchange
  • Marketing & Advertising Planning
  • Listed on PancakeSwap Exchange
  • Audit
  • Listed on DappRadar
Q2 2021
Q3 2021
  • Collaboration with other platform.
  • listing on Major Exchanges.
  • Listing on CoinGecko (Applied)
  • Listing on CoinMarketcap (Applied)
  • List on  more Decentralized Exchange
  • Dedicated LaunchPad Platform with some New & Innovative Features
Q3 2021
Q4 2021
  • Further development
  • Many More New Features in Planning…
Q4 2021

Airdrop Participant Rules


Listed on biggest VinDax Exchange

Contest for YouTuber

Participant Rules:- Create Video about our project & get 100% Guaranteed allocation worth of $10-$1000 Token for free depending upon your subscribers & views on Video. You have to send us the video link from Official Email to this email [email protected]